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An apology

Posted: May 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

I apologize for not having written anything these past few days.  You see I’m buying a house and that has been preoccupying my mind and time.  Sadly, I have not had time to attend used book fairs either, and with all my money going towards the house, I’ve not purchased any new books.  That could be a blessing in disguise because I’m now borrowing more books from public libraries.  There’s something to be said for public libraries, many of which are impressive architectural feats in their own right.  Take this example of the Salt Lake City Public Library in Utah.


I’ve recently become familiar with the Dwell magazine.  I find it fascinating to read about modern architecture, design, and living.  On one of their online blogs I stumbled across this interesting staircase.  Very impressive indeed.




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The world food crisis has Indian MPs scrambling to find books on food security and scarcity.  Now when was the last time you heard of US congressmen going to the library to research something?  Perhaps we can learn something from the Indians: Instead of trying to make quick fixes or 30-second sound bytes, maybe we should take some time and research the problem?  

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Back in 2002, the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers sent a letter to Jeff Bezos, the chief executive of  The letter stated:  “If your aggressive promotion of used book sales becomes popular among Amazon’s customers… This service will cut significantly into sales of new titles, directly harming authors and publishers.”  Hal R. Varian of The New York Times wrote a piece on it.  

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Now I don’t know about you, but I doubt used books will ever compete with new books, or cut into profits.  Every learned bibliophile enjoys both new and used books, and will buy accordingly.  Book publishers or aspiring authors need not fret about their livelihood being challenged.  



Clerisy.  Well it is the title of my blog afterall!

I’ve been thinking hard lately about buying a home.  While most people will assess a home based on the traditional points of how nice the kitchen or bathrooms are, I’m looking for a place that will afford me a great area for creating a home library.  Of course being part Swedish, I want my home to be furnished by IKEA.  I would love something that looks like this.  

My friend Miss Kitten introduced me to a new word the other day: rigmarole.  I always love learning new words; improving one’s vocabulary should always be lauded, and I’m blessed to be surrounded by friends who stimulate my mastery of the English language.