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For my first book project I visited the Millikin University’s Staley library and checked out:

Hoffman, Stanley, ed. Contemporary Theory in International Relations. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1965.  

Browsing the library catalogue I noticed that the Staley library did not use the standard Dewey Decimal classification system but rather the Library of Congress classification system.  Learning about the LOC classification system was a welcome bonus to my project.  


I was delighted to read this article in the New York Times today.  I believe a healthy nation can be judged by two things: a thriving local food market, and a free and open book market; places where people can gather.  I wish the Iraqi people the best of luck, and hope that tolerance rules the day and allows for stimulating intellectual debate.


I didn’t attend this event, but it looked like fun.  Oh what we do to promote reading, eh?  The details.

A new project

Posted: December 16, 2008 in Book of the Week

I’m starting something new.  I’m going to read a book a week selected from a public library.  I was originally planning to start this project during the first week of January 2009, but I’m an impatient fellow so I’m starting a month early. 

My set up will be easy.  I’ll post the book information (the author, ISBN number, etc.), and then if I find something worth sharing—some golden nugget of wisdom from the author—I’ll quote that in subsequent posts.

It’s important to note that this will not be a book critique or review.  I’m not a literary critic, nor do I get paid for any of this.  I’m just a guy who loves to read and support his local public libraries, without any of that fancy literary argot. 

Super, let’s get started!