When my wife and I visited Copenhagen this summer, we were impressed by the number of people who bicycled around town.  Indeed, the entire city seemed perfectly designed for bicycles with some streets having special lanes designated for just that.  Not only is bicycling good for the environment but it is also good exercise for people, as this writer can attest to while trying to keep up with his bicycling wife and dad during vacation.

Now anyone can get a bike and get going, but can they look great while doing it?  Let’s face it, as the blogger Copenhagen Cycle Chic has shown us, the Danes are chic fashionistas!  I even snapped this quick photo myself as substantiated proof of this claim!

Photo by John Weibull

  1. charley says:

    No one is eager to photograph me in spandex shorts and a massive helmet (I worry for all those helmet-free riders on that Cycle Chic site!), but I do enjoy being out and about on my bike. My walk to work is only 7 minutes, but on a bike it is about 2 minutes, and some days that extra 5 minutes can make a surprising difference.

    • clerisy says:

      yeah charley, I was surprised at the amount of people without a helmet. Here in the States I’ve seen quite a few people with helmets on, but sadly people on motorcycles with no helmets on. it seems reverse in Scandinavia. All motorcycle riders are required to wear helmets there.

  2. Here in Boulder, CO it is super chic (and green!) to ride your bike instead of drive. For the last couple of years on Thurs nights, hundreds join in the the Cruiser Ride where Boulder’s finest citizens cruise around Boulder together — stopping at different bars and restaurants for a great night out!

    • clerisy says:

      Now that is something I could get into! I visited Boulder a few years back and I thought it was a beautiful city. In fact, I’m a big fan of Colorado in general.

  3. Nuje says:

    Copenhagen is the world’s most bicycle friendly city. So no doubts that chic will drive bike even with high heel. Have you got at least one photo driving in high heel? Or going to office work?

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