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Photo by Sten Rüdrich from Wikimedia Commons

According to an article by, Director James Cameron is set to make $350 million dollars off his blockbuster hit Avatar.  $350 million dollars is a lot of money, and it got me thinking:  What would I do with $350 million dollars?  What would you do with $350 million dollars?

I think I’d keep $100 million dollars for my family and I, and then donate the rest to worthy causes.  Or I’d build one of the most beautiful libraries in the world and make it available free of charge to the public.  I can’t even imagine having $1 million dollars, let alone $350 million dollars.  When I think about it, I’m not sure I want to have that much money.  You always hear about lottery winners winning all this money only to end up broke or depressed a few years down the line.  Money doesn’t buy you happiness it would seem.  But it couldn’t hurt.


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With the mercury rising across America, people are sweltering, seeking any refuge from the oppressive heat that they can find.  Under these conditions, what person would not want to cool off with a cold one?

But what to drink, what to drink?  Bud Light?  Nah, too simple.  Corona?  Been there and done that.  Heineken?  Too Dutch.  Chateau Jiahu?  Say what?

If you are looking for the ultimate thrill ride in fermented beverage, you can’t go wrong with a Chateau Jiahu from Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales.

Here’s the scoop:  About 9,000 years ago in a Neolithic village of Jiahu in the Henan province of Northern China, a bunch of thirsty people concocted a mixed beverage comprised of rice, honey and fruit that they fermented in pottery jars.  Mind you, this was before the people in the Middle East were cranking out the barley beer and grape wine.

In a 2005 journal article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, University of Pennsylvania molecular archaeologist Patrick McGovern first mentioned the Jiahu beverage.  He then contacted the people at Dogfish Head to see if they would recreate the recipe, which they did and is now available in limited quantities.


Additional Sources:  Scientific American, Discover Magazine

In the annals of bibliophiles, Bishop Olof Celsius, The Younger (1716–1794), surely stands out, having married not for love, money, or power, but for books.  According to Per Wästberg, Anita Theorell, and Hans Hammarskiöld’s book, Resa i tysta rum: Okända svenska slottsbibliotek, Bishop Celsius married Andreetta von Stiernman in 1766 mainly for access to her father’s library collection, reputed to be the finest in Sweden at the time.  Now that is what I call a true bibliophile!

Morning flight delayed until the afternoon, no breakfast, what is a guy to do?

Have the breakfast of champions of course!  Nothing like a crisp lager to start your day off well.  Cheers!

I didn’t attend this event, but it looked like fun.  Oh what we do to promote reading, eh?  The details.