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I stumbled across pictures of this magnificent public library in Mexico City while going through Flickr.  A big thank you to *CliNKer* for taking these beautiful pictures of José Vasconcelos Library and uploading them!


Situated on Copenhagen’s beautiful waterfront the Danish Royal Library, also known as Den Sorte Diamant, or The Black Diamond, is a thing of beauty.  I loathed to leave this modern masterpiece.  The Black Diamond transitions beautifully into the old Royal Library, and this juxtaposition of modern and old is calming to a bibliophile’s soul, reminding us of the importance of history and harmony.

I really enjoyed seeing the old part of the Royal Library, especially the card catalog system and the old book archive room.  Unfortunately no photography was allowed in the old reading room, but I can attest that it was one of the most beautiful ones that I have ever seen.