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With the mercury rising across America, people are sweltering, seeking any refuge from the oppressive heat that they can find.  Under these conditions, what person would not want to cool off with a cold one?

But what to drink, what to drink?  Bud Light?  Nah, too simple.  Corona?  Been there and done that.  Heineken?  Too Dutch.  Chateau Jiahu?  Say what?

If you are looking for the ultimate thrill ride in fermented beverage, you can’t go wrong with a Chateau Jiahu from Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales.

Here’s the scoop:  About 9,000 years ago in a Neolithic village of Jiahu in the Henan province of Northern China, a bunch of thirsty people concocted a mixed beverage comprised of rice, honey and fruit that they fermented in pottery jars.  Mind you, this was before the people in the Middle East were cranking out the barley beer and grape wine.

In a 2005 journal article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, University of Pennsylvania molecular archaeologist Patrick McGovern first mentioned the Jiahu beverage.  He then contacted the people at Dogfish Head to see if they would recreate the recipe, which they did and is now available in limited quantities.


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