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How ironic that in the same week Fox News Chicago bashes libraries the Chicago Tribune publishes a story lauding public libraries as summertime havens for out-of-school children.

Original article.

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Though I commend the librarians for taking an interest in helping children and watching after their welfare, I think it’s irresponsible for adults to leave children unsupervised and unattended.  Librarians are not nannies or daycare directors, and cannot be responsible for other people’s children.  In some places people leaving their children unattended can be construed as child abandonment:  a crime.  Leaving a 6 and an 8 year old alone at a library is unconscionable to me.  They could be abducted, or injured, and God only knows what.  I also think that parents miss out on that wonderful bonding experience with their children at the library, reading books together and hiding behind the stacks.

Libraries are wonderful institutions, but children should not be left unattended unless it’s part of some library sanctioned reading camp or something.  Just my opinion.